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    House of Hope Maryland is a non-denominational, not for profit Christian organization committed to serving teenagers in need, and offering hope and support to their families. Many of Marylandís youth are victims of the destructive forces of alcohol and drug abuse, depression, sexual and emotional abuse and gang-related activities, just to name a few. Sometimes teens choose actions that are a result of searching for love and affirmation in all the wrong places. When all else fails, at-risk teens even resort to suicide. We believe that, through Godís divine providence and grace, these hurting teens can learn to experience wholeness in their lives and build futures full of hope.

    In our Christ-centered program, House of Hope Maryland unconditionally loves these teenagers through their difficulties every step of the way. Currently, we offer non-resident Christian counseling and spiritual support to hurting teens and their families.

    Video is a production of National House of Hope and was filmed at HOH Orlando

    House of Hope Maryland P.O. Box 9464 Silver Spring, MD 20916 (301) 452-7252